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Vizinho, Vizinha também!

Korea JoongAng Daily

Books are mainly made to be read, but some are pieces of art in their own right.

Such is the case for the works of Roger Mello, the recipient of the 2014 Hans Christian Andersen Illustrator Award, one of the oldest and most prestigious prizes in children’s literature.

With bold colors, unusual angles, natural motifs and animal-related themes, Mello’s work appeals to children as well as adults who are young at heart and love beautiful things.

Mello, who has had special ties with Korea since 2010 when he took part in the fifth Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival (Nambook), is holding his first exhibition in Korea at the Seoul Arts Center in southern Seoul.

Titled “Roger Mello’s Wonderful World of Color,” the show features around 200 pieces, including 88 original drawings of books the artist either illustrated or authored. 

To mark the occasion, the Brazilian illustrator, writer and playwright visited Korea and talked to local journalists yesterday about the exhibition, his works and much more.

Mello’s trip here is his seventh. He has visited several different locations here, including Seoul, Nami Island and Jeju Island.

Mais bem aqui!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Roger no Seoul Arts Center!

▲ 로저멜로한국전 포스터. 사진제공:로저멜로한국전 사무국
이달 19일부터 약 한 달간 예술의 전당 한가람미술관에서 한스 크리스티안 안데르센상 수상자이자 브라질 국민 작가 로저 멜로(Roger Mello, 1965-)의 첫 번째 국내 전시가 개최된다.

한스 크리스티안 안데르센상은 동명의 문학가를 기념하기 위해 1956년에 제정된 상으로, 수여권자인 덴마크 여왕 마르레테 2세가 2년에 한 번씩 작가부문 1인과 일러스트 부문 1인에게 수여하는 상이다. 세계 아동문학을 이끌어 가고 있는 최전성기의 작가에게 수여하는 상으로, 한국에서도 유명한 존 버닝햄 작가 등이 2014년도 수상후보로 오른 바 있다.
금년도 일러스트 부문 수상작가로 선정된 로저 멜로는 이번 수상을 통해 브라질 국민작가의 타이틀을 넘어 세계 아동문학계를 이끌어 갈 작가로 인정받게 되었다.
브라질 리우데자네이루의 산업 디자인 학교에서 디자인을 전공하며 지속적인 실험 정신과 독특한 스타일의 작품으로 이미 남아메리카에서는 최고의 화가 및 극작가로 평가받고 있다.
그의 작품은 남미 특유의 원색적이고 강렬한 색을 과감히 사용하는 한편, 세밀한 드로잉을 통해 아기자기한 재미를 느끼게 하는 특징을 갖는다. 이러한 작품 속에는 어린이들의 마음을 존중하는 동시에, 그들 스스로 질문하고 생각하게 하려는 로저 멜로의 철학이 담겨 있다.
뮌헨국제어린이도서관 기획으로 독일 전시와 일본의 치히로미술관 순회전을 거쳐 열리는 이번 전시를 통해 세계적인 작가 로저 멜로의 원화 및 도서, 아이디어북, 여행기 그리고 특별히 한국 전시를 위해 제작한 그림과 조각 오브제 등 200여 점의 작품을 감상할 수 있는 소중한 경험이 될 것이다.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

Nami Concours

2nd Nami Island International
Picture Book Illustration Concours

Nami Concours 2015 aims to encourage artists’ creativity and contribute to the advancement of the quality of picture book illustrations. It is organized every 2 years by Nami Island, the official sponsor of IBBY Hans Christian Andersen Awards.
Nami Concours 2015 accepts either original illustrations or digital prints of original illustrations as entries. (No entries will be returned.)
Nami Concours 2015 selects the winners from among shortlisted candidates selected during the preliminary round of judging.
Nami Concours 2015 holds the awards ceremony and special exhibition during Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival in 2015.
Nami Concours 2015 invites Grand Prix winners and Golden Island winners to the opening ceremony of Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival in 2015 with travel expenses provided.
Nami Concours 2015 publishes a catalogue featuring the shortlisted candidates for international promotion.

1. Eligibility     Open to all picture book illustrators in the world

2. Theme         No restriction

3. Application period
1 July 2014 ~ 30 September 2014 (All entries must be received by midnight—Korea Standard Time--September 30.)

4. Conditions
a. A set of illustrations should comprise one story
b. Number of illustrations per entry: 5 ~ 10
c. Every applicant should complete the online application form first
d. Data size: No bigger than 20MB in total (RGB format/jpg file)
e. Entry fee: Free of charge

5. Entry method
a. Upload digital images to Nami Concours official website after the completion of online application form
b. Official website:

6. Judging
Preliminary judging: International jury composed of renowned professionals will shortlist successful candidates up to 10x more than the actual number of winners
Final judging: International jury will gather to decide final winners

7. Submission for Final Round of Judging
a. Eligibility: Shortlisted candidates who are selected in the preliminary judging
b. Deadline: 31 December 2014 (All entries must be received by midnight—Korea Standard Time—December 31.)
c. Contents of entry: Either originals or quality prints of the illustrations submitted for the preliminary judging

8. Awards
Grand Prix                    1 (Plaque and USD 10,000)
Golden Island               2 (Plaque and USD 5,000)
Green Island                 3 (Plaque and USD 2,000)
Purple Island               10 (Certificate and plaque)
Illustrations of shortlisted candidates will be exhibited during the 2015 Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival and be included in the catalogue.

9. Results
Winners will be announced on the Nami Concours official website

10. Notes
a. Shortlisted illustrations may be used and reproduced to promote Nami Concours without prior permission. No payment for such use will be made.   
b. All shortlisted candidates will be provided with one catalogue after the event
 More details can be found on the Nami Concours official website

11. Contact
Nami Concours International Secretariat
Address: 3F, Gallery Sang Bldg, Insadong-gil 17, Jongno-gu, 110-290 Seoul, Republic of Korea
Phone: +82 2 753 1245~6
Fax: +82 773 1481

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